On this page you can find all the information concerning your wallet. We try to give an as clear as possible explanation of the costs.
The costs are broken up in a part you pay to the Student Union (SU) and a part you pay to the association 4 happy feet. These costs are again broken up in pieces. In total there are 4 levels of payment that need to be done if you want to participate in the dancing classes:

  1. Union Card (goes to Student Union)
  2. DMS Association Fee (goes to Student Union)
  3. Membership Contribution (goes to 4 happy feet)
  4. Lesson costs (goes to 4 happy feet)

Student Union costs

All associations on campus of the University of Twente (UT) fall under the reign of the Student Union. The Student Union sponsors the associations and accounts for the location and teachers. To make this possible, they use the revenue of the Union Card and the association fees. For employees of the University of Twente, some of these

Union Card/Campus Card

The Union Card (or Campus Card everyone who is not studying at the UT or Saxion) is a requirement to join any sports or culture association on campus. You have to buy the Union Card/Campus Card once, and after that you can join associations, take group lessons in the gym or go swimming in the outdoor pool. For students, the Union Card is € 60,-, but at the beginning of the college year you can usually get a € 10,- discount. For actual pricing, check out the SU website or for the Campus Card, check out the UT website.

When joining an association, the next level of payment is the:

DMS Association fee

The Association fee is money you pay to the Student Union for being member of an association. This is different for UT/Saxion-students and everyone else as well. The pricing is included in the websites mentioned before. For students at the UT, the association fee for a year is € 28,50 and for half-a-year € 17,-.
For other people, the price depends on what category you fall in. Please check out the website and consult the UT or SU for more information.

4 happy feet costs

To pay for the costs the association makes, we also charge contribution for members and lesson costs for participation in one or more dancing classes. As an association, we do not differentiate between UT-students and non-UT/Saxion-students. The prices stated below are the same for everyone. Easy, right?

Membership Contribution

There are two memberships available:

A continuous membership is paid in period of a year, but is automatically extended if you do not resign explicitly. The half-a-year membership is automatically terminated after half-a-year, unless you explicitly extend it.
To resign of extend your membership, you should always contact the board/secretary. You can do this using this webform or by directly mailing to

Lesson costs

If you also want to participate in lessons, you have to pay for those as well.
You can only sign up for lessons for a period that is shorter or equally as long as your membership (you cannot sign up for a year-period class, if you only have a membership for half-a-year).
You pay for lessons in the order that you are admitted to them. If you sign up for two levels and are not admitted to the first, then you pay for your second signed-up level as if it were your first.

Level number Year period Half-a-year period
1st admitted level € 10.00 € 10.00
2nd admitted level € 25.00 € 15.00
All subsequent
admitted levels
€ 20.00 € 10.00
The total contribution + lesson costs are capped at € 80.00. This means that if you dance 3 levels for a full year, you can in theory dance all next levels for free.


For people that do not want to become a member, but want to participate in an activity of 4 happy feet or meant for 4 happy feet, you can become a donator of the association. There's two type of donatorships:

As an event donator, you are allowed to participate in one activity in the name of 4 happy feet. This can be for example an ODK or a competition.
As an association donator, you are allowed to participate in all activities organized by and for 4 happyfeet. For both donatorships, the actual participation costs are not included. You still have to pay those yourself.


The costs construction is rather complex and may be hard to understand when reading it for the first time. Please take your time to read this again. If you still have questions, please contact the SU for UnionCard/Campus Card or DMS related questions, or the board of 4 happy feet for questions about contribution, lesson costs and donatorships.