For the more ambitious dancers, 4 happy feet offers plenty of opportunities to participate in competitions. On a regular basis, groups of 4 happy feeters travel down to competitions of different levels all over the country. Moreover, 4 happy feet naturally competes in both Dutch and European student tournaments. These tournaments are great experiences and accessible to dancers of all different levels.

National and regional

The ballroom dance scene knows many federations and leagues to compete in. On a national level the NADB and WDC Dutch-AL are the largest ones. In the local region you can join competitions of the SOND. If you want any more info about how to compete ask other 4 happy feet members, since there are a lot of active competition dancers.

Student dancing


The European Tournament of Dancing Students (ETDS) is organized twice a year, each time by a different university in Europe. Student teams from a variety of countries travel down to the hosting university to show off their dancing skills and compete against each other. These tournaments typically span an entire weekend, consisting of both ballroom and latin competitions, many parties and lots of fun. At the end of the weekend, the much desired “Tanzmaus” will be awarded to the team that performed best over the entire tournament.


The Dutch Tournament of Dancing Students (Nederlands Toernooi der Dansende Studenten, NTDS) is the smaller version of the ETDS. It takes place once a year at some university in the Netherlands. Contrary to the ETDS, there is a special class for beginners. Only dancers with less than a year experience may participate in this class. For this reason, the NTDS is a perfect opportunity for beginning dancers to get a taste of competition dancing.


Smaller competitions that are regularly organized are the Teammatch and the Open Drienerlose Kampioenschappen by 4 happy feet itself. Alot of sister associations also organize competitions. For more information you can visit their sites or Facebook pages or ask around.