The 26th board of D.S.V. 4 happy feet (2019-2020) consists of:

Lotte van Dijk Chair
Jimmy Fransz Secretary
Olga Nielsen Treasurer
Ruud Bonekamp Commissioner of External Affairs

On this page, you get acquainted with the current board members. Get in touch with the board through the contact form here.

Lotte van Dijk - Chair

Hi, I’m Lotte. After my double degree in educational science and primary school teaching, I came to Twente to study Interaction Technology. During the kick-in, I was dragged to the salsa introduction lessons. I loved it from the start. Ever since, you can find me almost every week in Rico Latino. After a year of watching from the sideline, I got the opportunity to step up as a chairman (or chairwoman, whatever works for you). After getting infected by the dance vibes, I am starting with ballroom this year. If I’m not dancing, you will probably find me in my garden at the campus growing fruit and vegetables. I’m looking forward to making this year one to remember.

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Jimmy Fransz - Secretary

Hi everyone. I’m Jimmy Fransz, 25 years old mechanical engineering student and currently dancing ballroom C and salsa 2. I’m also working on a challenge of my own: dancing as a follow on ballroom D! Beside my minor/internship at Electric Superbike Twente, I like spending my time on try-hard dancing, riding motorcycles and playing games. You may have already seen me during the last half year in the function of commissioner of external affairs and this full year in the function of secretary in which I usually feel more comfortable.

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Olga Nielsen - Treasurer

Hi! My name is Olga Nielsen and I’m a 3rd year Atlas student. I started dancing ballroom and latin in my first year, and I’ve been doing salsa for a bit more than a year now. Initially, I was just dragged along to the classes by my housemate. However, after just a few classes, I realised that dancing is a lot of fun. Now, my housemates have stopped, but I want to continue dancing for a long time! I’ve always enjoyed many activities in 4 happy feet, especially the ODK, prom and the team match, but up to now, I hadn’t found the time to become an active member in a committee yet. I’d like to change that now by becoming treasurer next year. I guess that my favourite dance is the Tango, and favourite chocolate salted caramel or Buttermilch Limone (which they sadly only sell in Germany). Or any other chocolate, as long as they don’t put hazelnuts in it. I love chocolate.

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Ruud Bonekamp - Commissioner of External Affairs

My name is Ruud Bonekamp and I’m currently studying Chemical Engineering. This jaar, I am your commissioner of external affairs. A couple of years ago, I was introduced to ballroom dancing by friends of mine. From those first hesitant moves on, dancing has always had a special place in my heart. I really like that dancing combines the social as well as the sportive aspect. It takes two to tango, after all. Because I love dancing so much, I dance in the weekends at a dancing school and at the B-level at 4 happy feet. I wanted to become a board member, because I’d like to do something for 4hf, which means a lot to me. As your extern I’ll be arranging everything, because I want to keep you dancing as much as possible! I’m looking forward to taking on this responsibility and dancing much more with you guys. My favorite dance is the quickstep, because once the music starts, I can’t stop myself from smiling and wanting to dance!

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