The 25th board of D.S.V. 4 happy feet (2018-2019) consists of:

Maike de Jongh Chair
Dennis Lek Secretary
Bas Schadenberg Treasurer
Sophie van Oudheusden Commissioner of Internal Affairs
Guus Frijters Commissioner of External Affairs

On this page, you get acquainted with the current board members. Get in touch with the board through the contact form here.

Maike de Jongh - Chair

Dear reader,

On a Tuesday evening about two years ago, I found myself on the doorstep of the Audiozaal. The room was crowded with an army of shy-looking boys, some mushy couples and a handful of those intimidating people in black shirts. As I stumbled my way across the floor, anxiously trying to avoid my partners toes, I couldn’t help thinking: this is so much fun! Now, two years later, I still enjoy dancing very much and I am having a great time with 4 happy feet. I love socializing on the dance floor on Thursday nights, dressing up for awesome parties, stressing out before a competition and of course discovering more dancing secrets every week! Consequently, I decided to dedicate a year of my life to spreading the love for dancing and making our association flourish more than ever. I am very proud to be chairwoman of 4 happy feet this year!



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Dennis Lek - Secretary

My name is Dennis, I am 24 years old and I live my daily life as a fanatic sportsman, who may also be able to generate some random sounds out of a box with spanned cords vibrating at different frequencies, which are activated by pressing appropriate keys. In other words, I love music and everything that goes along with it!

Do not worry! To be able to dance you do not need to be the most epic human being. According to Ginger Rogers:
“Part of the joy of dancing is conversation. Trouble is, some men can't talk and dance at the same time.”
And I mean, after a year of practice, I’m barely able to keep up with the rhythm, let alone utter a single word. I don’t even know how much joy I’m missing out on!

Currently I am dancing on Ballroom B and C and salsa 1, while finishing my bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering. I’m planning to start a master's degree, but more importantly: I am going to be your secretary! Previous year has been my first year of dancing and I could not have imagined it being as fun as I experienced it to be. As your secretary, I plan to make the coming year as enjoyable, entertaining and wonderful as possible.

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Bas Schadenberg - Treasurer

My name is Bas Schadenberg and I am the 25th treasurer of D.S.V. 4 happy feet. This is my fourth year at 4 happy feet. Currently you can find me on the dancefloor during the salsa 1, Ballroom C and Ballroom B Lessons. In my time off the dancefloor I study Applied Physics(4th year) At Saxion. In my year as a boardmember I hope to create awesome memories together. I hope I see you at our activities and lessons.

Kind regards,


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Sophie van Oudheusden - Commissioner of Internal Affairs

Dear reader,

My name is Sophie and I am happy to take care of the internal affairs of 4 happy feet. I found my way to the association last year and really enjoyed the beginner level of ballroom dancing. Moreover, I discovered that 4 happy feet involves much more than only dancing lessons. I participated in a lot of fun activities, visited many nice parties and met a whole bunch of great people. As a member of the Gala committee and the Teammatch committee, I realised that I enjoyed organising events and that I would like to put even more effort in the association. Therefore, I decided to join the board. As Commissioner of Internal Affairs, I assist all committees, keep in touch with the members and make sure that you have a great time at 4 happy feet. If you have any questions or fun ideas, don’t hesitate to have a chat with me!


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Guus Frijters - Commissioner of External Affairs

Hi dancers,

My name is Guus Frijters and I am the Commissioner of External Affairs for the 25th board of D.S.V. 4 happy feet. I will try my utmost to make sure we have a teacher who are willing to give you the best dancing experience on the highest quality dancing floor.

I will also make sure we can dance at Dekker on every other Thursday and that it is possible to have a small dance-room if you want to practice some more. (If this is the case, you can always contact me)

Currently, I try my own dance-moves on Ballroom C and Salsa 1. Last year I started dancing on Ballroom D on the Monday. Next to my 4 happy feet businesses I am a sixth year Electrical Engineering student and am quite active at the study association.

I hope we as a board can provide everything that you want, and if not, please contact us about it!

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