Committee Overview

This page contains an overview of all the active committees at 4 happy feet. Every committee is presented with information about what they do, when they do it and how much time it costs approximately. If you are interested in one of the committees, don't hesitate to contact the Intern (mail: or one of the committee members via e-mail or in person.

Temporary committees

Teammatchcommittee (oct – nov)

The Team Match is an internal fun competition of 4 happy feet. The teams will consist of dancers of all levels of experience. The match consists of dancing rounds with as much different couples as possible, fun (dancing) games and an awesome demonstration of a professional jury couple. The committee will have regular meetings (once a week) and will be a couple of hours a week of work, increasing near the date. The teammatch will take place in November.

ODK-committee (oct-may)

The Open Drienerloos Kampioenschap is an annual dancing competition organised by 4 happy feet. There will be the possibility to dance every dance (from ballroom, latin and salsa) with a different partner. The ODK will take place around April or May and will have professional judges. Organising this event is quite a lot of work but is really fun to do!

ShowCie – Dance show committee (oct-febr)

This committee is a committee from Apollo, the cultural umbrella. This year they will organise a dance show and therefore a dance show committee is needed. This committee needs members from different dance associations from the UT. The dance show will probably be in February. This committee does not require a lot of time and there is a plan of action, only the week before the show it will take more time.

Galacommittee (dec – april)

4 happy feet has its own themed gala every year with a lot of dancing. The gala will be open to dancing students from all over the Netherlands. There will be a diner before the gala and a demo by a professional dancing couple. Organising this will take a couple of hours a week besides having regular meetings (once a week). The gala will be somewhere around April.

Continuous committees

InCie - Instruction Committee

You may have probably seen them around. The people in the black shirts (not the board). This committee assists our teachers at giving lessons in ballroom and latin. They prepare the figures that will be discussed in the lessons and think about how to best teach it to you. Furthermore, gala workshops are given by the InCie as well.
You cannot apply for the InCie but if you train hard enough, one day you might be asked...

SalCie - Salsa committee

Similar to the InCie, the SalCie aids our salsa teacher at giving the lessons. They do everything the InCie does but for salsa. They also give salsa workshops that can be requested as an alternative for a gala workshop.
You cannot apply for the SalCie but if you train hard enough, one day you might be asked...

MuCie – Music committee

Music is necessary to be able to dance. The MuCie makes sure there is music during the lessons and gala courses. Most of the committee work will be during the evening and it will be one or more hours of work a week.

AcCie – Activity committee

The activity committee organises fun activities for the members outside of dancing, examples are a movie night or doing some sport. The committee meets regularly (once every 1 or 2 weeks) besides spending some hours per month organising.

Spotlight Redaction

4 happy feet has her own association periodical: The Spotlight! This periodical contains a lot of fun articles about everything happening within 4 happy feet, puzzles and other dance related stuff. There are around 4 editions a year. The redaction asks people to write articles, writes articles themselves and puts everything together. The committee work will take a couple of hours a month. If you’re interested in writing an article or want to suggest an idea, please send a mail to:

Workshop committee

In order to organize dance-related workshops, a workshop committee is required. Examples of dance related workshops are an Argentine Tango workshop, a massage workshop, a yoga workshop or a ballet workshop. The committee regularly has meetings and requires a few hours a month to organize the workshops.

WebCie - Website Committee

The name says it all. We are building, developing and maintaining this site. At the moment the focus is still on the creation of new features, but later on the work will mainly exist of doing updates due to new information or a change in the association structure. This committee meets every 2 weeks but everyone works a couple hours a week on the website, sometimes together, sometimes on their own.
If you are interested in web development and want to put your technical skills to good use, you may find this committee interesting.

Articles of association committee

In the last academic year, the Internal Rules of Operation (IRO) have been improved. The articles of association have not been changed for three years and need to be refreshed. Therefore, an Articles of association committee is needed that will scrutinize and improve the articles of association. This committee is expected to take more time at the beginning of the year than at the end. Because these articles are an official legal document, it must be approved by a notary.


The FlitCie is a new committee of 4 happy feet. The FlitCie is an committee consisting of members who want to take pictures during 4 happy feet activities. The members will be emailed about the events of 4 happy feet. The members of the FlitCie can indicate when he or she can take photos during the upcoming activities. The meetings will therefore be irregular, but not very often.

*If you go through this list and notice there's a committee overlooked, please contact the WebCie