4 happy face masks

Always wanted to promote our awesome dancing association while staying safe and sound during these weird pandemic times? This is your chance! We designed these 4 happy face masks for you to wear anywhere you want to. The cost per piece will be 2 euros. If you do so, you can pick yours up next week on tuesday 27th from 20-21h or wednesday 12.45-13.45h at the blue stairs next to Vrijhof. (if you really can't come at these times, text someone from the Accie so we can arrange another moment for you to pick up your epic style item). On top of this, because the Accie wouldn't be the Accie without organising an awesome activity to go with this, we will also organise an online meet-up to decorate and personalise your face mask with glitter/embroidery/permanent marker/anything you can come up with! While doing this, we can have fun and be cozy together via Discord. 🧵🌟🎨 In the online sign-up, you can indicate if you'd be interested in this and we add you to a WhatsApp-group to pick a date. Show some love to 4 happy feet and buy a mask! ❤️ limited stock

Further information can be found below,

  • Location: the blue stairs next to the vrijhof
  • When:
  • End:
  • Costs: € 2,00
  • Registration deadline:

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